Wednesday, December 22

The end is in sight

I'm sure Heather will agree with me when I say we've had a non-stop, never-ending list of things to do for the paper since about Aug. 1. Maybe it was even earlier than that?

I think I've been completely caught up with all my work maybe twice from that date until today. And today marks the third! Anymore it's a rare feeling of having everything checked of my list, both the Roundup list and my personal life list. And it's the Roundup list that's caught up right now.

Right now I'm waiting to do the final proof of our Jan. 1 paper, which will be all done and sent to press so nobody has to worry about it in the week between Christmas and New Year's.

In the photo above is Ryan Fieldgrove, second from right, with his three kids on their ranch. I interviewed him for our Winter Cattlemen's Edition, but it wasn't nearly so green and sunny when I was there in December!

Last night I got my gifts wrapped and all of Scott's and my shirts ironed. Much remains in to prepare for the trip to Iowa, which will begin early tomorrow morning, but those were the two time consuming things. I just got back to the office from the house, where I cleaned out the fridge and cleared all my boxes and wrapping supplies from the spare room, where Melissa will stay tonight. She's on her way from Lander now, and I expect her in town within 30 minutes.
I also put the smaller gift packages into a big rubber tub, and started collecting things on the dining table that I need to remember to bring.

**** break for proofing paper *****

I hardly dare to say it, but I think at this moment I might be done with my Roundup work and free to go on vacation. It's this moment that's been the final goal at the end of the long string of typing, interviews, photos, folders, typos, edits, proofs, headlines, captions, meetings, reports, quotes, corrections....... and all the other things that combine to make up one complicated, detail-oriented, painstaking position as managing editor at a weekly livestock newspaper.

I'm outta here!!!


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