Wednesday, January 12

Dinner guests

Tonight Scott and I are having company for dinner, and the above photo is one of the recipes I'll make. I rediscovered this Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza in the folders of my Food Network online recipe box and remembered how good it was when I made it several times several years ago.

So this morning I put one of our pork roasts in the crock pot and it's getting happy today in preparation for some BBQ sauce and cheese on a pizza crust tonight. I'll also make a second pizza with something like sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and onions on it. And maybe black olives. I'm always conflicted about adding them to things, because I love them so much, but they're not exactly Scott's favorite.

And speaking of good recipes, how does Amazing Spiced Chai Concentrate sound?

I just came across this on PW's Tasty Kitchen website, and it does look very tasty. I know caffeine and pregnancy aren't the best things to mix, so maybe an adaptation of this would be a good hot drink to have in the morning, using decaf tea bags for the concentrate. It does use some spices, like star anise, that I don't normally shop for, but I'm sure they're easily found in Casper's grocery stores.

The fact that we've been below zero and single digits for the last several days makes a steaming milk beverage sound even better.

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