Friday, January 14

Where are my knitting needles...

I might have to get them out after finding patterns for these winter creatures on Etsy recently.

The patterns themselves are only three dollars, and the yarn to make these would only be another few dollars. The big investment would be the time, but they just might be cute enough to attempt at some point.

I also found these little farm animals, which is what I think my nursery theme will be. With both Scott's and my ag backgrounds, our little one needs an early introduction to farm/ranch life. I'd really like to get some things with black baby calves on them, or Hereford calves with their cute, bright-white faces, legs and tails, but having a really hard time finding something that specific. Most mainstream baby things feature dairy calves, which are cute, but somewhat out of place in Wyoming.


  1. Don't forget to have plenty of pigs in the nursery. Do you still have the stuffed polka dot pig that Dad brought to the hospital when you were born? We gave it to you on your 21st birthday. I will have to get your baby clothes out of the attic that I saved. :)

  2. Cute. I want some! I think your nursery should be a hedgehog theme. Might prove to be even harder than non-dairy cattle though...

  3. Those are all adorable!
    You could maybe find some fabric with non-dairy cows on it if you're feeling creative - I'll try and keep my eyes open for any baby items with them.