Monday, February 7

Cheap entertainment: moving furniture

For our Superbowl party over the weekend we rearranged the upstairs furniture to make more seating in our tv area. That means a crowded tv area, but a spacious front room now. Foxy likes the open floor space where she can play with her rawhide chews.

Actually both of the girls like the space for wrestling. I've put several rugs down by the door for snowy/wet/muddy boot traffic. Before we didn't really have anyplace to go with our shoes.

I kind of like how open the space is... but I also like the loveseat, and for right now the only space it can go is the front room.

This is my eight-dollar desk that I found at Salvation Army. I have yet to make it what I want - I'm planning at least a paint job and new drawer pulls, but at least it's not in the garage anymore.

Here's the big front window minus the sheer burgundy panels that I took down and disposed of yesterday. I can't wait to take the wood scallops down and see what a difference it makes for the summer sunrises in a couple months. Ok three months. Ok maybe five. The tablecloth is one my sister brought back from South America, and I love it with all its colors, which you can't see too well in the photo. You also can't see it too well in the photo, but the chair at the foot of the table is red. I really like them red.

So as nice as the front room looks, here's the tv space with the loveseat. :-) Scott says, 'Can we leave this here for a while?' He asked because the loveseat is the most comfy thing we own, and it really is too bad it doesn't fit with the tv area. The limits of our square footage mean I have to get creative.

Lucy thinks the loveseat is ok in that space.

These are the horseshoe hooks that I mounted on either side of the bathroom door. As you can see, the other two I hung over the weekend already look full.

And this is the coatrack that I hung on the right side of the hallway, and it kind of extends to the over-the-door rack of the spare room. It was plumb full of jackets, vests, caps, insulated pants and whatnot, but I had cleared it off so our company would have a place to hang their coats.

And here are my new shelves above the refrigerator, which I also love. It's a great use of that space for my lesser used dishes, which ends up being mostly goblets. The blue-stemmed goblets that my mom gave me some time ago can finally see the light of day. :-)

The kitchen isn't much changed from the usual, except I did get some new rugs at Ross last weekend. I've found myself using the bowl set that friend Holly gave me for Christmas quite frequently - that's the biggest one of the set on the counter.

Foxy likes the new rug.

My new Martha Stewart magazine came today, and I had to tear myself away to go back to work at the office the rest of the afternoon. It's full of summery and gardening ideas, and that's a welcome thought, considering we're sitting here under a pile of snow that has dumped on us in the span of a few hours this evening. It's spring snowstorm season in Wyoming.

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  1. Loved seeing the photos of what you have done to your house recently. The love seat actually fits better than I thought it would in that space. So good to see those blue goblets! :)