Thursday, February 17

Git 'im!

This is the neighborhood tom cat. The same one that sprayed my front window a couple weeks ago, and the same one that comes to harass Link and who yowls in the early morning hours of summertime, when the windows are open and we can hear him.

The other morning he had the nerve to sit in Link's spot on the front porch railing and look in the window. Now, if he hadn't already gotten on my bad side, I might have felt sorry for him and thought, 'Oh, he just wants a home, too.'

But he had no such luck.

This is the tom cat in the tree of our front yard after I opened the front door and told the dogs to 'git him.'

They did.

They're really becoming quite good at the whole 'sic 'em' concept. If you tell them to 'sic 'em' while they're in the pickup they go on high alert and start looking for cows.

That morning the three of them went down the front steps, around my truck once, around my car once, and then up the tree went the cat. The girls thought they were pretty big and bad, and they were thrilled to be allowed to chase a cat, because they've been strictly admonished time and again to leave Link alone. Their favorite evening entertainment is sticking their nose in his face when he's relaxing on my lap. It gets quite the grumpy growl and hiss in response.

And I haven't seen the tom cat again since that morning.

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