Thursday, February 24

Of snow and horses

Racing chariots in Jackson, Wyoming.
Yes, I realize that, again, it's been almost a week already since I posted. With the way weeks fly by around here, it's going to be August and my due date before I know it.

Since my last post we made it to Jackson and attended two days of cutter racing. I also did interviews for three articles for the paper that all went well. I also remembered that it's a mistake for me to think I can shop in Jackson, which is full of tourist mementos and clothing for rich men's wives, and little in between. I did get a pretty burnt orange, gray and white saddle blanket from Flat Creek Saddle Shop when I finished my interview there. There was a really pretty textured silk scarf that I should have also bought. I might have to have them send it to me.

Melissa and two friends came over from Lander on Saturday to watch the races with us, and it snowed all day long but wasn't too cold and really didn't accumulate much in town. In fact, now I'm convinced it never stops snowing in Jackson, because it didn't the whole time we were there, even when the sun was trying to come out. No wonder people use it as a winter wonderland.

As always happens when we go on these trips, like Pocatello last year, I'm convinced I gained between five and 10 pounds from eating out so much. That biscuit sandwich I had at Bubba's BBQ for breakfast that one morning sure was good! We also had breakfast at The Bunnery, a tasty but pricey bakery north of the Town Square. There many pastries in their glass cabinet looked delicious, and I managed to escape with just a few bites from Scott's cinnamon roll.

We were all glad we decided to drive back Monday, instead of trying to come back over the pass Sunday night in the cold and snow. As it was, the roads were pretty snowpacked on the way home.

So since then, just been making up for the lost day this week and getting everything done for the paper. We've officially hit the time of year where we have too many ads to run in less pages, so this is our first week at 24 pages and I expect that to continue through the next four editions. It's really sucking up my editorial so far! This week's cover features my interviews with the Shriners and photos of the races, so I'm looking forward to seeing what Tracy's done with them in the layout.

Other than that - gotta get started on Baby Ehlers's baby gift this weekend! The time for her to arrive is coming right up. :-)

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