Tuesday, March 8

Now THAT's depressing...

So, in keeping with my desire to start some flowers indoors to enjoy later in our front yard and patio and at our wedding reception in late May, I did a little research into when I would need to start the seeds and how to care for them.

The first thing I've found out so far is that the last frost date for Casper is June 8. The first frost date is listed as September 7. Talk about a short growing season... We all know it's reality, it's just a bit startling to actually see it in print. At least I don't live in Jackson, where the last frost date is listed as July 28, and the first frost date is set at July 31!
No wonder most of their farmer's market produce comes from outside the immediate area.

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  1. We are both laughing over this post. I was wondering how you were going to get zinnia blooms by Memorial Day in Casper as I knew it would be impossible for even me to get them here in the banana belt. :)