Wednesday, April 13

Baby Update: 20 weeks

There they are - the much-anticipated ultrasound photos! When I first went to the doctor at nine weeks, an ultrasound at 20 weeks sounded like forever away, but I should have known better. It was here before I knew it.

Yesterday Scott and I went in for the appointment, and everything looks fine and dandy and normal, and development is right on track with my due date of Aug. 31. Growth is ahead of normal, as the baby's size is in the 80th percentile, and my doctor said that was mostly just due to genetics. The good news about my height is the baby still has plenty of room to move around, and my lungs still have plenty of room to breath.

The doctor had a hard time getting good shots through the ultrasound, because the head is low in my abdomen and the feet are crossed up around my belly button. My next ultrasound is scheduled for May 31, and in that one she'll try to get a better look at the umbilical cord, as well.

Confirming my suspicions, the placenta is on the back of my uterus, which is why I can feel the baby moving so abruptly. Yesterday morning Scott was even able to feel it kicking around.

More good news from the appointment was that I only gained five pounds since my last visit a month ago, giving me a total of nine pounds gained since my Feb. 14 visit. Whenever I step on that scale, I'm just sure I've gained more than the standard expected pound a week, because sometimes it sure feels like it. Anymore I can't eat very big meals, because they leave me feeling very full and uncomfortable. Even a simple grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of tomato soup leaves me feeling stuffed.

I still haven't shopped for anything maternity, although the time is approaching where my favorite Cruel Girl button down shirts will no longer stay snapped when I sit down.

I'm considering purchasing another pair of Cowgirl Tuff jeans rather than maternity jeans, as the one pair I have is still very comfortable, and with two percent stretch in the fabric, they're very forgiving and I wear them a lot these days. :-) That way, instead of spending money on maternity clothes, I'd have something I can wear even after the baby's born. The pair pictured here is my favorite style at the moment, and the ones that I would order. My only hang-up is the price - they're expensive - but I asked and Scott gave me permission, so I just might have to send in an order today.

So other than that, I've still been out of the office a lot, and the little time I spent in the office yesterday was spent playing catch-up. I've hired an editorial intern for the summer, so she came in yesterday to go over her first two articles and some other details, and Heather is leaving her position as assistant editor, so getting the word out of the job announcement has also taken some time lately. I'm hoping my efforts result in several quality applications to choose from.

And speaking of babies, Jazz has still not foaled - apparently she didn't get bred as soon as I thought. I didn't realize they'd been locked in the corral the first week of May last year, so it makes sense that she won't foal until mid-April, instead of early April like I expected. I keep calling Jake to pester him about what she looks like and if she looks any closer. So far, he's had one foal out of his mares.

In tragic news, the Redneck colt that bred April last June had to be put down last week after getting hung up in the feeder, so now I'm really hoping for a horse colt out of her, although if I get a horse colt I'd feel halfway obligated to give it to Bob, but maybe not obligated enough. I really want it for myself. :-)

Now that I'm back in the office and around town for a few days, I promise I will have some more postings. I do still have several relating to projects last weekend that I need to put up here, mostly having to do with my seed-starting endeavors.

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