Thursday, April 7

Chicken and Dumplings: Part 2

So the above photo is where I picked up last night from where I'd left off the evening before, on Tuesday. I had pulled the chicken broth out of the refrigerator, put it back in my stock pot and began to reheat it, getting it ready to add vegetables and the dumplings.

While the broth was heating, I mixed up the dough for the dumplings. I'm not sure what happened, but I think in visiting with Scott I lost count of my cups of flour, and so ended up with a lot of dumplings, and had to add more milk to make the consistency right for rolling out and cutting.

After preparing the dumplings I chopped the vegetables: garlic, carrots and onions. Again: most good things start with large piles of chopped vegetables.

I added the vegetables to the simmering broth, and brought it to a boil again.

I rolled out the dumplings, and cut them in about one-inch by one-inch squares, as directed by the recipe.

Then I added the dumplings to the pot, as many as could fit, put the lid on, and let it go.

Meanwhile, the rest of the dumplings I baked like biscuits, in a buttered baking dish. They turned out pretty good, but were salty.

When the dumplings were finished cooking, I stirred the shredded chicken into the mix, and *ta da* we had chicken and dumplings.

When I served it up into bowls and decorated it all pretty, Scott came in for his and said, what's that stuff on top? It's parsley, Scott, it won't hurt you. :-)

So now I'm sitting in a water law conference in Cheyenne until tomorrow, and Scott is at home enjoying the leftovers this evening. :-)

Otherwise, I didn't get too much done on my before-7 p.m. goal, because I worked late at the office and didn't get back to the house until after 6. But again, the weekend is upon us, and I had Scott pick up some wood stain this week, so hopefully this weekend I can finish my two staining projects.

Oh, I intended to share the exact recipe with you from my Texas cookbook, but really it was a little bit odd, so just run a quick online search for 'Chicken and Dumplings' and get to work! :-)

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  1. The dumplings were different from what Grandma Scherbert made. You might want to try the recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook & see if you like those dumplings better.