Friday, June 3


Wow, the last two weeks sure have been busy around here. Last Wednesday evening my company arrived from Iowa - those who are pictured with Scott and I in the photo above.

Following their arrival, the whirlwind continued with moving cattle, putting the paper out, organizing and transporting meals to the Association for those who were staying up there, cooking food for Saturday's big meal in the evening, packing the last of the decorations, running last-minute errands and maintaining my sanity. :-)

We branded our calves Saturday morning, and I got to put my C} brand on our steer calves, and it sure does look pretty! Then we finished decorating and setting up in early afternoon, and even had a couple hours down time before people began to arrive for our party at 4 p.m.

My parents headed back to Iowa Tuesday morning, and I went to the office for my only day in town this week. Wednesday morning at 5:30 I left for Cheyenne to meet up with the Wyoming Stock Growers at 8, who were on an all-day tour of the JBS Swift beef packing plant and feedlot at Greeley, Colo. Since then I've been in Laramie attending their summer convention, heading back for Casper this afternoon.

I'm looking forward to relaxing and having some down time tomorrow, before Scott and I leave town early Sunday morning for the Stone Ranch branding - where I got my favorite branding photos during last year's season. Think it will happen twice? I guess we'll know Sunday evening. :-)

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