Wednesday, June 15 = Temptation

Let me tell you, getting on a good string of books on is just about like getting on a good string of decorating/DIY/creative blogs in blogland.

Amazon is one of those sites that has the awful but brilliant 'items you may also like' feature.

And so, even though you innocently only searched for one book, you soon find yourself with a whole string of them on your wish list.

And then the other problem is that they're all so reasonably priced.

And I want to order them all so that I can look in their pages and see what new inspirations and photos they might hold.

But today I was good. Ok, mostly good. I only bought one for $1.89. :-)

And before you know it, vintage interior decorating turns into vintage campers...

And as you wander through the many temptations on vintage campers, you soon find yourself on aprons, pies, clotheslines and any other number of topics to tempt yourself, including the title 'Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase' that has the cutest little girls' dresses strung out on a clothesline on the cover.

The deeper you go, the worse it gets. :-)

All of these titles are available on, but consider yourself warned. If I had unlimited spending money, my shelves would be full of books that are full of inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. Oh My! I am right there with you drooling over each one. It is a good thing I never get on Amazon. I hated to part with the Farm Chicks Christmas Book but I did return it to Melissa when we were out there. I have heard about FiFi and her Prairie Style Book on blogs. I read an article about the Sisters on the Fly in Country Woman magazine a long time ago. Loved the eye candy on your blog!