Wednesday, August 24

Baby Update: One More Week

Well, we've officially hit the 'one week left' mark, as next Wednesday, the 31st, is my doctor-assigned due date for Baby Martinez. After my appointment last Monday, it looks like I'll for sure make it to that date, and perhaps even beyond.

So, in the meantime, I decided to share some photos of my other babies. :-) That's April's Pipsqueak filly in the photo above. She is an ornery little critter, and will be a handful. I've already started halter breaking both of them, and she certainly does not approve of being told what to do.

This is the laid-back baby, Cindy Lou. She really doesn't care about the halter, and leads pretty well, except for when I try to take her too far away from her mom. She's getting big!

So this week, as I'm waiting for baby to arrive, I've been busy at the Roundup office getting this week's paper together, still editing senior photos here and there and doing my best to keep chipping away at Fall Cattlemen's interviews, which I transcribe to get the quotes and accurate info before writing the articles.

At home I've been cleaning and sewing... At the top of the cleaning list was the refrigerator and freezer, and it was high time they were cleaned. As I'm expecting my mom and other visitors at the house in the weeks ahead, I figured I better clean my most embarrassing dirt collections. :-) So that's done, and the quarter-inch of dust of gone off the top of the fridge. Next on the cleaning list for tomorrow morning is the patio - Foxy really has a thing for tipping over my flower containers and spreading garden soil everywhere. It's an eyesore that I haven't gotten around to addressing quite yet.

And in the evenings I've been working on sewing projects. Yesterday I finished up the cover for my Boppy nursing pillow, and next will be a cover for the changing pad. I'd eventually like to have several of each of the covers I'm making, but for now I'm just trying to get one of each made.

On another note, Scott's also started a special diet in preparation for his surgery in three weeks, so I've also been helping pack him lunches and have been measuring out and cooking his dinners in the evening, which consist of eight ounces of meat, vegetables and lettuce salad. Never a dull moment around here!

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