Friday, September 30

Autumn in Wyoming

The other evening baby Levi was very grouchy, so I loaded him up in my white truck and off we went to check on the mares and colts. That's my mare Jazz, third horse from the left.

I wanted to try to get some good photos of Levi while we were out there, and I even had some props and outfits, but he wasn't having any of it. After I took these two photos of the horses he was crying again, so I put down my camera and got him to carry around while I looked at the horses. That's Jazz's filly, Cindy Lou Who, in the above photo. She's getting big! I love how pretty the rimrocks and shrubs are, with their red and orange autumn color.

Like I said, love the autumn color. :-) Speaking of autumn color... we're headed to Estes Park in a few minutes for the weekend, and I have two fancy lenses that I rented from the local camera shop - one for the fall color and one for the bugling elk.

The girls love it when they get to go somewhere where they can run.

Geese flying south for the winter at sunset.

It was a lovely fall evening.

And now I need to get going to finish packing, because Scott's home and anxious to hit the road. Let's see if I remember everything I need to pack for baby. :-)

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