Thursday, October 13

It's high time for a new post!

I realize that it's been way too long since I've updated my blog! These days seem to fly by, and between looking after Levi, the Roundup, the house and everything else, unfortunately the blog is pretty low on the priority list.

It was already a week ago that Levi and I hopped in my truck and headed to the ranch with my new camera - that's right! there have been all kinds of developments around here. We were headed up to find some 'fall photos' for last week's paper, and Scott had reminded me that Bob and others were gathering cows so we went up to find them.

On the way up we passed this bull hanging out near a place on the ranch called Willow Springs. It was a stop on the Oregon Trail, and later a stop for the Pony Express. While it used to have many springs and trees, all that remains today is one little spring, a dead tree and the foundation for the building used by the Pony Express. A little farther up the road to the west, the Oregon Trail ruts are still very visible traveling up a draw that parallels today's road.

Anyway, after using my field glasses that my wonderful husband gave me to keep in my truck, I did find the riders out gathering the cows, and discovered that I was a couple miles behind them, so Levi and I went back to the county road, found another two-track, and after about five phone calls to Scott for guidance as to what fenceline they'd come down and where the best place would be for photos, we ended up at the above location, a reservoir with some of the only trees on the whole 90,000+ acre ranch.

After we finished at that location, we headed off down the two-track at Bob's directions, to meet up with them again as they reached the meadows up from the ranch house. That's when we stopped for this photo, looking back down the road toward the lone trees.

Obviously Levi is a very attentive assistant. This photo was taken after we took a quick meal break for him. Sometimes it feels like I've nursed him in a truck many more times than I have in my rocking chair in his room. This time I even moved my truck while feeding him... you gotta do what you gotta do. :-)

We opened the gate and waited for the cows to come down the fenceline.

So that's what we did last Thursday. On Saturday it was very cold and rainy, so Levi and I enjoyed a nice day at the house with a fire going, and on Sunday we headed up to the ranch where Scott and the others were shipping these calves that were gathered in the photos. This weekend we're going antelope hunting again, to see if Scott can get his.

On the new camera front, the local camera shop here in town had a deal where if I bought a new Canon camera I got a high-quality Canon photo printer for free, plus a $50 rebate on the camera, so after talking to Scott I sprung for it and have been enjoying it very much. Alas, the printer has not yet made it out of the box. I keep saying, 'Maybe today it will get its trial run,' but it hasn't happened yet.

For now, Levi is awake, and needs to be fed.

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