Wednesday, November 16

Hard at it: Cattlemen's

At the Roundup we're right in the midst of convention season, bull sale ads season, and Winter Cattlemen's season.

I spent the majority of today about 60 miles north of Glenrock, in northern Converse County, doing some interviews for Cattlemen's. The ranch pictured above belongs to the Hardy family, and they run sheep on this location and cattle in southern Iowa in a partnership. The scenery around ranch headquarters is pretty typical for that area of Wyoming - lots and lots and lots of open space.

On my way in to visit with the Moore family I was glad that someone had already come out of their road and left a set of tracks, otherwise some sections of the road would have been left up to my best guess.

Baby Levi spent the day with his Grandma Shirley again, and I picked him up following my last interview. I am just about done with interviews, and that means that my next task is to start writing.... the hard part. So far I'm on schedule, though, because my goal was to get interviews done by Thanksgiving.

Other than that, life is consumed by writing and editing the regular weekly paper, cleaning house, looking after Levi and other things of that nature. Raking the yard remains on my to-do list. If it's lucky it'll get done before we get a permanent blanket of snow for the winter. :-)

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