Tuesday, November 1

With a baby this cute...

With a baby this cute, can you blame me for posting mostly photos of him over the last several weeks?

I took this series of photos so that I could print some off to send to my mom's Aunt Millie - she made him the fleece blanket with the cowboys on it. Last night was the second time I've printed some photos on the new printer, and I love it. The colors are accurate, the lines are crisp and the images turn out great. It was definitely worth it - oh, what, it was free with the Rebel T3 camera purchase. :-) I love the camera, too. If I take meticulous care of it, it should last me for years. Wyoming Camera Outfitters is officially my new favorite camera store. The printer is a Canon Pixma Pro 9000, and it's as big as its name is. I admit, I am having some trouble deciding where to keep it set up. Right now it's on my sewing table, but it takes up practically the whole thing. I can't wait to get some of the fancy paper options and try some photos on different textures. Maybe people will get a lot of photography for Christmas, since it's my new toy. :-)

Today Levi and I are headed to Douglas. I'll start on the first four of my 15 Winter Cattlemen's interviews - we're featuring Converse County this winter - and Levi will go to stay with Grandma Shirley for the day. Right now we're in a winter storm warning, so the roads might be iffy but at least I'll get some wintry photos!

And I'm supposed to be in Douglas by 8, so that means I better get off the computer and go get all our things together and get ready to go. Hopefully I'll have a new batch of photography to share with you when I get back!

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