Tuesday, December 27

Levi: 17 Weeks

Our little guy is 17 weeks and becoming quite the character. He still talks all the time, but sometimes will really get to going, yelling and hollering just to see how loud he can talk. He loves to interact with anybody who will talk to him, and he also loves to laugh when he thinks he's being pretty funny.

He's getting better and better at sitting up, and he likes to stand on his own - all the support he needs is a little balance. He likes to stand on the bathroom counter and talk to his 'friend' in the mirror.

While he's very outgoing, he likes to pretend like he's shy. If women talk to him in the check-out line at the store, he'll smile big at them before burying his face in his hands and my shoulder. As you can see in the above picture, he also likes to pretend to be very sophisticated.

He's doing well with sleeping through the night - usually from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., which works great for our schedule. If I put him to bed at 8 he wakes up at 4, which is not so ideal for my morning schedule. :-) On Thursday we go in for his four-month doctor appointment, and I'm very excited to see how much he weighs and how much he's grown.

He's also really good at grabbing and grasping things, and can pick up toys and bring them to his mouth, and he'll bring his hands together to hold onto larger objects that won't fit in his fist. He rolls around a lot these days, and likes to sleep on his left side. So far we haven't had a complete roll-over, and he still hates time on his tummy. I make him do it every once in a while, but it makes him very cranky.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our 17 weeks with him, and are looking forward to continuing to watch him grow and develop and learn new things. We're really looking forward to next Christmas, when he'll not sleep through opening all the gifts. :-)

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