Saturday, June 6

deny everything, admit nothing...

and make counter-accusations. let's just say that's timely advice from my buddy stuart, shared over a couple of beers last evening.

i go to look at another house at noon today. my realtor and i went over there to look at the place last night, but couldn't get in the house. it's worth checking into more, so we're going back today. it's a horse property with three-bedroom, two-bath house. it's only on a little more than two acres, but that fits my plan of keeping the horses with me in the winter and turning them out on galles's pasture in the summer. it's in west casper, an area called indian springs, with a good view of the mountain and sunset to the west.

currently i sit at my second job with highland park community church. there's a memorial service going on so i had to get here at 9 and wait until it's done, then i'll come back for my usual 3 to 7 for the saturday evening service.

it's finally a sunny day here. it's been, like, a week since we've had that and i was very grateful to see blue sky this morning.

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