Friday, June 5

i been workin all week and i'm tired

yesterday morning was another early one - alarm went off at 4, rolled out at 4:15 and was heading south out of town to cheyenne by 5. the reason i went down there was to attend a meeting of the state board of land commissioners meeting, which is chaired by governor freudenthal.

while sitting there, half-listening for pertinent information and half-typing out articles for next week, i noticed these two guys come into the room and one looked really familiar but i couldn't place him. turns out i had randomly met him last weekend in the wonderbar here in casper. small state, right? he lives here in town and works with landowner associations on wind leases. and now i remember his name. john eric.

following the meeting i walked over to the state archives to inquire about using their historical photos for the paper upon request, and then i made my way up to the cheyenne frontier days museum to look for article ideas.

after a stop at the mall to see what was on sale at the cheyenne boot barn - i bought a pair of cruel girl jeans for $20, originally $64! - i headed back to casper. the rest of my evening was rounded out by several hours spent at the beacon's happy hour with bud light lime and fresh tortilla chips and salsa, joined by friends rick, casey and kelly.

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