Wednesday, June 24

get in the truck, ole

so there's this guy, ole, who is a friend of friends of mine, and that's how we met. he works for the blm as a wildland firefighter, but i'm beginning to wonder about those boys because some of them i've gotten to know are kind of strange...but others are pretty fun. and they're good dancers.

so according to friend kelly, ole thinks i'm 'the cat's meow without the milk.' kelly and i went to the cnfr finals last saturday night, then migrated to the beacon, where i made the mistake of texting ole that i was out and asking if he was coming out. (you see, i'd been in a bad mood the night before and left the bar before any of my people actually got there, including ole, who had his friends give him a ride special and they made a deal if this girl of ole's wasn't at the bar when they got there he had to do 50 push-ups. he told me this saturday night)

so anyway, ole shows up at the bar and hangs out with me and kelly for a bit. casey was there, so i talked to him a little. and louisianan paul and texan chris, the welders who live at wamsutter, were also there, and i said hello to them.

so anyway, then it came time to go and kelly asked for a ride home and i had to give ole a ride home because he'd been dropped off. so ole and me walk to my truck while kelly's getting whatever out of her car and i open the door and get stuff cleared for him in the back and stand back for him to get in. but instead of getting in, he tries to kiss me. :-P

get in the truck, ole.

then i had to drop kelly off first because she lives in paradise valley on the west side of town, and ole lives on the east, near my place. so ole and i pull up in front of his house and he asks if i want a tour because he and his roommates just moved into this new place.

it's 1:30 in the morning, ole. get out of the truck, ole. go to bed, ole. sure, maybe we can have lunch sometime. good night, ole.

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  1. Oh gracious. Now you're having trouble with the natives.