Tuesday, June 23

i love this place. *love*

so there's this rural residence on cole creek that i reeeally like. it's 32.11 acres, four-year-old house and is already fenced and cross-fenced for horses. i love it. problem: $230,000 price tag. realtor photos (i haven't actually gone to look at it in person):

is the kitchen not gorgeous? (yes, i realize it has white appliances but the kitchen's so bright otherwise that i feel they're ok) it's got three beds, 1.75 bath, and tons of living space. 1,855 square feet. count 'em. 1-8-5-5. that's, like, three times what i've got in my apt. can you imagine?

here's a link to more info: click here. (it's the link in the middle on the left side)

so i was talking it over with coworker andrea this afternoon. if i had one roommate, i could charge $400/month. if i had one boarded horse, i could get $100/month. both very reasonable rates for casper. if i got one roommate with two horses, that could be $600/month. if i got one roommate with horse, and one roommate without, that'd be $900/month.

and a monthly mortgage payment on something like this, if i could get the sellers closer to the high end of my budget at $200,000, would be around $1,000. sounds doable, no? and, if worst came to worse, i could swing all $1,000 on my own out of what i make each month, but i'd have to sit at home and knit until i could work something else out. :-) but, i already know i can do that, right?

and i realize it has no landscaping to speak of, but that's a small allowance that i can work on at a slow pace.

people have told me i'll know the right place when i see it, so i've been waiting for the same feeling i got when i saw my f250 truck for the first time. i think we're getting pretty darn close. i just need to arrange a tour with my realtor...

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  1. That does sound nice
    and it looks pretty!
    Lots of room for roommates...