Saturday, June 13

June 13, 37 degrees

and casper just got nailed with a thunderstorm that noaa says dropped two to three inches in the last two and a half hours.....i dunno what's up with wyoming, but something's gone haywire with the weather.

it's 55 in casper right now, but i'm not there. i'm south of pinedale near boulder, in western wyoming, and, surprise, it's now 37 degrees here. and we've had rain. all afternoon. like three big thunderboomers.

i'm ready to go somewhere sunny. and warm. and not rainy. and not gloomy.

but - life goes on. my dad came out to wyoming to visit me and my sister melissa for a long weekend. he arrived in casper last night about 6, and we drove over to western wyoming today, taking about four and a half hours to make it to the west side of the wind river mountains. thankfully we did have a pretty nice drive, as we didn't run into any serious rain clouds and he got to see some of the country, and the mountains were visible. we even saw a few moose coming through south pass, and that's an unusual sighting.

last night after dad arrived we went to casper's poor boy's for steak, then dropped in to the beacon club to see what was going on and check out the live music. he met friends stuart and casey. :-) and kelly and lea. and the people that i know there were all asking me why i couldn't stay long. :-P i guess they're kinda used to me getting comfortable for the duration.

so anyway. we got up this morning, ran some errands, got the horses, and off we went. after arriving here at the ranch my dad helped melissa fix her bronco, which is perpetually in need of repair, and tonight we went into pinedale to stockman's, a restaurant in town, for steak with the rest of the people who work with my sister for three peaks ranch, an operation of the national outdoor leadership school, or nols.

the plan while we're here is to go riding in the mountains, but hopefully it doesn't rain when we want to go. we'll see.

oh yeah. it also hailed twice today.

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  1. No fair! You didn't have any moose for me!
    You took your dad to the bar?