Wednesday, June 17

back in town, back to regular life

seems like whenever i leave town for several days i return feeling very disorganized. my apartment needs to be cleaned, i need to organize my 'to do' list for the roundup, and it feels like there are about 23432 other things i need to do that i can't think of right now.

the trip to western wyo was a success, despite rain and snow. my dad and i arrived back in town at 5 yesterday afternoon, after a five-hour drive from pinedale. yesterday morning before we left we went riding once more with melissa out on the blm ground near the ranch, and it was a gorgeous morning where we could see both the peaks of the wind river mountains and the wyoming range to the west.

after unloading and unhooking we went over to the events center for the college national finals rodeo and ended up watching it with dejoe. it struck me while my dad visited how many people i've gotten to know in this town, because now everywhere i go i run into someone that i know: murdoch's - the ranch store, sportsmen's warehouse, driving down the street, the rodeo, the beacon, the rodeo parking lot, even at the western store clear over in pinedale. it's nice to be in a place long enough for that to happen, now i'm starting to feel in casper how i used to feel in ames and it's kinda nice.

another thing that struck me today - i've got this random quote generator on my laptop's dashboard, and this one came up today: "absence - that common cure of love." how true that is, as i found out in the messy end to my relationship with ex-boy. one doesn't all the sudden wake up one day and realize you don't love someone anymore, either. but, after two year's absence, i didn't love him anymore and that was a stark realization that didn't come until after we stopped talking. i had realized prior to that that the thought of splitting with him didn't really cause me much pain, but i was still too close to the situation to realize why. *sigh* but i still sing that country song "don't think i don't think about it." i still don't know fully what happened, but i'm postponing processing that.

but, for now, i've got a busy life in wyoming and i must get back to writing my article about the wyoming high school rodeo association.

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