Tuesday, July 28

CFD 2009 Short Go

photos from saturday's short go at the cheyenne rodeo...

dodge pickup men are a fixture at all prca rodeos...

prca rodeo judge being very professional

tuf cooper is 18 and doing very well for himself in the pro rankings already. he made a good showing at last year's nfr, forget what he placed.

scotty and i were both intrigued by this headstall.

next year i want a press pass so that i can go down here with the photographers.

the priefert horses were pretty cool.

harry vold is the stock contractor at a lot of major rodeos.

fred whitfield has been around pro rodeo for a long time.

pickup men and clown watching bull riding.

the view from our seats wasn't the best, but these are the frontier days chutes.

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  1. I like how that man drives his horses. Not sure I would be brave enough to do that. Cool pictures.