Monday, July 27

random goings-on

here are some random photos from my everyday life...

this is the black mark friend jd's side mirror left on my pickup'll rub off, and i've worked on it a little bit since this photo was taken.

this is my pickup loaded with four-wheeler and cooler and everything else, just before i left to hook up my trailer and load the horses for camping.

this is the new horse shed my horses will live in now. it's a double run, and the hay/tack space is right there in the same shed, which will be wonderful. before i've had to walk around the corner quite a ways to get to where my hay was stored. it's a pain in the snow and mud. i moved this stuff over yesterday afternoon because i finally had a large chunk of free time. i like sunday afternoons. i usually have nothing planned and am free to nap and dink around the rest of the day.

my horse feeding stuff loaded up in the truck.

this is one of link's favorite places to (try to) hang out. i don't know why. he always ends up bracing himself so he doesn't fall off.

after finishing moving all my horse stuff and spending a significant amount of time bs-ing with two other horse people at the barn it was almost dark so i stopped by the pasture on my way back into town just to check on the horses and give them some treats. wonder of wonders, i think roan mare scooter's my friend now because she lets me walk up to her no problem. it sure is a lot nicer than it used to be - chasing her around for at least an hour. jazz sure is fat. i haven't ridden her much at all for about a month now because of her lameness, but i think i'm going to try to get her on a program. i can't even feel her ribs. april's in great shape. in the photo, all the horses always mug my truck when i park it in the pasture. they're almost as bad as pigs.

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