Wednesday, July 8

editor for the week

this week jen has taken off camping with her family for vacation, so i've been pulling the paper together, which is kind of fun. it's fun to bring all the bits and pieces together and edit and arrange them just how i want and put them in the appropriate folders on the share drive to send off to tracy, who lives on a ranch (where her husband works) at kaycee and lays out the paper in indesign.

it's a very accomplished feeling when it's all neatly named and filed after coming in from all different directions, from the internet, email, correspondents, readers, etc. i've got all of it done for this week save two cover articles that i'm going to get tomorrow - one on the central wyoming fair, here in town this week, and one from an interview i'm doing with boss dennis with the president of rocky mountain power at noon. (we've ordered lunch in from the excellent shop in town called 'the market and more.' if i owned a cooking/catering business, that's what it'd look and taste like. you should have heard co-worker andrea and boss dennis trying to pronounce the name of the sandwiches we're getting tomorrow. i don't know what the actual name was, because i never saw it in print, but it sounded like they were trying to pronounce french. boss dennis finally gave up and said 'well, they're ham and cheese.')

(let me just interject here that i love my kitties. i'm sitting here on my loveseat with link on my legs and lexus is across the way on a blanket on the couch. we're watching sahara. they're so loveable and personable, and they always at least act glad to see me when i come home. except one thing i object to: this morning link was trying to wake me up, as usual, which is fine because he makes a great snooze alarm, but this morning he sneezed in my face. cat snot. nuff said.)

here's a photo we're running in the paper this week:

i only have this one saved to my laptop. this photo is by wyoming photographer charles belden, whose work i love. it's classic western, and he had a great eye. i have one of his prints hanging in my living room now. this photo is running with a little piece about how the guardians of the range group will recognize historic family ranches in a couple weeks, in conjunction with the hyattville, wyo. celebration of the national day of the american cowboy. (that's right - july 25, folks. mark your calendar.)

so today was a pretty full day for me, getting that stuff pulled together and i sat in on one of the interviews for the job left open by co-worker andrea's leaving for south carolina asap. (i didn't even go out for lunch, but co-worker andrea brought in soup and salads - complements boss dennis - and we all ate together in the office. pepper cheese soup from mountain view subs, can't beat it.)

i worked on finishing the paper up until 6:30, then cleaned the office, came to the apt for a bite to eat (egg, spinach, mushroom, tomato and parmesan all sauteed together) and headed out to the horse pasture. (let me just add in here, since i was talkin bout the cats, that i love my horses, too. they're so pretty, and we all know each other so well. it just works.) i brought the mares up to the barns tonight because farrier friend rick told me last night that he'd have time to look at jazz's lameness, after all, and that's scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9. i think i'm going to bite the bullet and put shoes on her. depending. we'll see what he says. i'd rather not spend the $100.......

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