Monday, July 6

i've lost it

my little camera, that is. i've looked high. looked low. in my big camera bag. underneath all the seats in my pickup. the last time i had it was when my dad and i went to visit my sister at three peaks near boulder, wyo. it's a sad thing, because i really like the convenience of sticking it in my carhartt vest pocket. and it's also sad because i'd like to add more photos to the blog, but carrying a dslr around isn't really all that practical. possible, but not practical. and my cell phone camera works, but it's not ideal. well, ebay, here i come. we'll see what you have to offer. and if nothing there, the brand-spankin-new best buy opens here in casper this week. bout time, i say. and i def need to get it before the upcoming atv camping trip. and before the upcoming branding at billy keith's. and before many fun wyoming summer events that are yet to come. i wished i had it on the 4th at casey's place.

our atv trip is scheduled for july 15-18, so shorter than last year, but hopefully just as fun. speaking of which, i need to call the forest service for a waterproof map.....ok done. i've been planning out the menu and making the ingredients list, shopping list, prepare-ahead list, etc. it's a big job feeding 10 people (six hungry boys) in the woods over a fire for four days! i enjoy it though, and everything was (mostly) successful last year. the key to being a good cook is to improvise and not let people know when things don't turn out how they should have. ;-) one thing i learned from last year: bring plenty of powdered milk. somehow i ended up really short on milk through some miscalculation.

i'll leave you with a few photos of atv camping in the big horns last year:

emily and april, me and jazz and melissa and dixie, with miles her dog at a place called bear park on our way to visit a couple of the mountain lakes on the southwest slope of the big horns.

cookin blueberry pancakes for breakfast over the fire the first morning after setting up camp on the east slope of the big horns, about 40 miles up from buffalo. (this year i think i'll buy one of those lightweight plastic fold-up tables so i don't have to use the ground as my counter. either that or i'll be more careful about parking my truck so i can use the tailgate.)

and here's the whole motley crew of us. what fun we had. i think most of the same guys are coming back this year, and sister melissa's coming over from pinedale, roommate amanda's going to come down from casper for a bit, and last-summer-roommate emily will be in the state with friend aaron. (yes, they're still dating. and yes, this camping trip is where it all began)


  1. Wait a that Aaron as in Aaron Nelson, and girlfriend Emily? He was at Cornerstone on Sunday (we were in Ames for the weekend), and he introduced us to an Emily! So, I guess I met your old roommate. Only very briefly though; the service was about to start and we went on a tour of the new addition afterwards so didn't see them again. Crazy.

  2. yep, that was her. :-) i love her - we had so much fun last summer. we went on a big hiking trip with melissa over in the wind rivers, and emily always went riding with me in the evenings after work. april was her horse for the summer.

    i talked to nathan yesterday and he said that they had stopped by cornerstone on sunday. emily called me on her drive back but i missed her and we haven't had the chance to talk yet.