Sunday, July 5

i finally got it done :-)

my truck now has tinted windows all the way around. :-) it's pretty awesome, and hard to tell in the photos, but i love how it turned out. i took these photos friday morning when i took jazz to the vet in douglas because of her mysterious lameness, which remains a mystery.

after my vet appointment i stopped by jen's house to visit with her family a bit, then when i got back to casper i had to load up some bales of hay for ross, the horse packer from sheepherder's. i met casey over in the beacon parking lot, and he took them out to ross. poor casey. we've discovered ross is a career mooch and he's gotten stuck looking after him while he's in casper. he called me again today because ross was wanting a farrier and casey was wondering if i knew of anyone whose name we could give him.

and then this is my mudball horse april this afternoon. we had a monsoon here in casper friday night, with over two inches of rain in some sections of town in about 30 minutes and 65 mph winds. talk about flash floods. the other two horses standing near her are freckles and roper, two geldings that have been at the stable as long as i've been there.

ummm....a random black cat just ran by my loveseat and out my screen door that's cracked open....i don't recall seeing him come in, but i have seen him around before because he is very loud and i think he's trying to make friends with my cats.

i spent july 4th mostly working, having met friend kelly at 9:30 to go clean this monstrous attorney's house here in town, which took us until 1 to finish. we had lunch at the beacon (really good steak melt sandwiches. i love eating there because john is a good cook. not your typical bar food. but yes, i shouldn't have eaten that much :-P) then since i was on that side of town and didn't have to work till 3 i stopped by casey's to say hello to him and stuart, who were just chillin. (the previous day they'd set themselves up with casey's 'keg-erator' and a couple racks of ribs) i went to work at the church from 3-7, then went back over to casey's, where they'd been joined by another friend and his wife and son. (and a horse and a mule, in casey's yard. yes, that was once again because of ross) we proceeded to sit around and b.s. and try to watch the fireworks from casey's roof, which didn't work, so we settled for going back inside to sit around some more.

and that was pretty much it. not a very happening 4th, like if we'd gone to laramie or belle fourche, but at least i didn't spend a whole lot of money and i made a fair bit instead, having worked fri/sat/sun at church and then that house cleaning deal.

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