Saturday, August 1

i told him flattery gets him nowhere

'prob because i told them the lady i was askin for was pretty n had a smile that could light up a cloudy day like a ray of sunshine'

friend scott martinez, texting me the price quote on a three-horse slant he found for me, and commenting on how the trailer dealership was giving me a better deal than they gave him. still too much for me at this point in my life, though. i'll be rockin the two-horse a while longer.


the estimate of an older gentleman on sunday about how much i weigh. not 140. :-P

'you're pretty, but you sure are big.'

another older gentleman at sheepherder's who walked up to the bar and felt the need to comment. i'm getting conflicting comments from these people!

oh, and i told scott flattery would get him nowhere. but it still makes me smile. he's taken it upon himself to get me out of town and show me more of wyoming, which i don't mind one bit. this saturday we're going to go to frontier days together (that day might include kenny chesney and jake owen, but for sure the rodeo, which is first-class pro rodeo cowboys) and the next saturday we're going to move some cattle for a rancher on the grazing association scott's brother manages, and the next saturday is the shindig at pathfinder ranch, he put me down to attend (it's a ranch rodeo/dance/social event).

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  1. hahah, those are rather conflicting comments. Not unlike how I can hear from two people in the same day about Parker "he looks just like his father" and then "well he sure is a Steiner." Whatever. Yeah, you better be careful with that all sounds like fun but don't be a user. :P