Monday, August 3

it was a good weekend

here are some photos from the rest of my saturday evening. after i made the decision to head back out to the association friend c texted to say they were going to glenrock, but by that point i just kept heading west. i also found out the next day that friends D, zach and G had all been in glenrock, along with friend jd. although it could have been really fun to party with all of them, it could also have been really un-fun, so i'm kinda glad i just skipped the whole thing. as it was there were about a dozen people out at the association, including friend G's dad and brother.

this is a photo of the gorgeous evening i got to enjoy on the drive out there. it was beautiful. i had to stop the truck and take some photos. that's ferris mountain again.

after arriving at headquarters and delivering the three fifths of pendleton i helped myself to some delicious steak (all the calf nuts were gone. sad, sad day. ok probably not. i still have not consumed them and i'm ok with that) and sat down to bs with the people.

this is bob, grazing association manager. his birthday was sunday. that's his new dog sittin next to him in the camp chair. it kept showing up at another rancher's place, and the dog's real owner said just to shoot it, but it's a decent dog so they brought it to the association. i wish i coulda taken it in.

this is becky martinez with her little dog, the corgi/pomeranian cross. in this photo it was trying to chase away the varmints that were lurking out in the dark.

ranch dogs know how to take it easy. they'd wait around eyeing the chairs and when one opened up they'd hop in and curl up.

and this is mexican martinez taking it easy. at this point he'd given up on the night and claimed a concrete pillow. he eventually moved to the bunkhouse. that night i slept in bob's bedroll in his horse trailer, which was so soft and warm and comfy. i woke up to the sound of a diesel engine the next morning and coulda curled right back up but didn't want to be the lazy one on the place so i pulled my boots on and went in search of coffee.

i rolled out of the association at about 8:30 and after getting back into town i chilled at the apt for a while, watching 'appaloosa' and starching jeans. then my plans for productivity went downhill when friend c texted and i went to hang out with him and ended up having mexican and a mudslide for lunch, watching 'i am legend' with him at his place and grilling elk steak for dinner. we also went out to give bartender g hard time at the bar and i had a few drinks and was responsible and home and in bed by 10. and my dirty dishes still sit on my counter. :-)

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  1. I'm sorry, but that mix dog is rather weird looking.