Friday, July 24


is this not the prettiest thing you've ever seen? ok, maybe the prettiest thing you've seen yet today? well, i'm smitten, anyway. i've been smitten. ever since i first held one in best buy about two weeks ago. at that point i was still holding out for finding my old canon powershot. which i did. in my horse trailer, if you recall. and now it's inoperable. which gives me (mostly) justification to purchase a new one. this one is pricey, but considering how long i had my last one (since sophomore year of college - that's getting longer ago all the time....) i think it's justifiable. esp given how much i take photos. and this one has in an updated point-and-shoot some features and upgrades i don't have on my rebel xti dslr that i use for the roundup. it even has higher resolution.

soo....they're still on sale at best buy and i'd like to be able to take a small camera to frontier days tomorrow. although maybe i'll hold off, because i would also like to take my rebel with the zoom lens and get some good prca rodeo shots. but maybe i won't be able to wait. :-) maybe i'll just take two! don't worry, friend scotty already knows i like photography, although i don't think i've fully prepared him.

i was looking online today at the frontier days results to date, and there are a lot of good cowboys there, like calf roper fred whitfield and wyoming rough stock riders bobby welsh and chet johnson (our layout girl's brother). check out the rodeo hand blog over in my list of blogs to see what's been going on in cheyenne all week. i've never seen any of those top cowboys compete, so looking forward to that. i talked to friend D last night (he called me again from camping in yellowstone. he'll return to town sunday) and told him i was going with scott, and he laughed, but said scott's harmless and it should turn out just fine. not that i had my doubts about scott, but good to know friend D approves because he can be pretty protective and looks out for people that way. i've missed friend D on his two-week camping trip. it'll be good to have him back around town.

tuesday night was the night everybody came out of the woodwork. i heard from roommate amanda, friend jake (who's been mia since sheepherders. in the big horn basin fencing, i guess), friend D and i even talked to friend G. friend casey and friend jake and i ended up attending the beacon together that night. casey and i had planned on going once i was done working, and jake called when i was heading to pick casey up so he joined us there. both of them and bartender gavin were giving me a lot of (as in more than normal) grief, so i about got up and left but then they bought me a beer and both jake (twice) and casey took me out to dance so i forgave them. cause i'm nice that way. :-) thing is, they'd been giving me grief for like a week, or more, about a certain thing (that casey had unwisely shared with gavin, and that will remain undetailed here) and it wasn't letting up at all and i was getting sick of it.

and tonight is coworker andrea's going away party with the people from the roundup office. not all of us, but a lot of us will be there. we're having it in a city park and i'm making a tomato pasta salad and bringing all the niceties it takes to make a park picnic look festive. i'd like to pick up some fresh flowers from somewhere, even if it's only at walmart. i'll post photos if i end up with my new camera. :-)

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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure how long I've had my current camera as it is the replacement for one someone sat on.....