Sunday, July 26


lately there's been so much going on in which i want to participate that i have not been getting near the amount of sleep i generally prefer. i guess as long as it's worth it to be drowsy and exhausted at times in exchange for fun events, i'll just keep on as i am. there's only so much summer left, and i'm determined not to waste a single warm sunny day.

yesterday was fun, at cheyenne frontier days with friend scott. he picked me up at 7 a.m., we had breakfast here in casper and made our way southeast. we got to the grounds in plenty of time before the rodeo so we investigated the trade show, which didn't really have much except a lot of paraphernalia for tourists. there was one thing, however, that i really fell in love with and i went back to buy a set of beautiful silver scrolled spurs with red inlay after the rodeo, and they were gone. i'm still mourning their loss. they were so pretty, and i don't even know who made them to ask for a similar pair. at the same vendor was also about 50 pairs of the prettiest chinks in all colors and combinations, and i really wanted some of those too. scotty almost bought a really nice silver bit, or a new felt hat. but both of us walked out without any major purchases.

roommate amanda and her mom (visiting from new york) joined us for the rodeo, so that was fun.

i bought that new red camera! had fun using it yesterday. i would have bought some of those chinks if i hadn't just dropped a lot of dollars on the camera. i'll upload some photos later.

it was nice - being escorted around. although we weren't on a 'date,' friend scott looked after me and paid for everything and bought breakfast and took us to texas roadhouse for dinner before we left cheyenne. he's a good guy, and the day turned out just fine. he's very fun-loving and easy going and just is who he is, and we got along just fine.

and friend casey, while we're on the subject of being pleasantly surprised by males, the other night we were out socializing and hanging out and it surfaced how protective he is of me. before he's come over and asked me to dance, because 'you're my girl, and i'm not going to leave you out.' the other night acquaintance john was beginning to be a little obnoxious, and casey had me come sit by him and he chewed john out for bothering me. 'this is christy, and we're good friends, and nobody here's going to touch her.' :-)

here's a photo of me and him chilling at the beacon:

yeah, there's been so much going on i haven't even had time to write about most. friday night was also andrea's going away party with all the roundup, and i brought sundried tomato pasta salad and picked up a bouquet of fresh flowers and separated it and arranged them in some of my collected glassware and i brought my cloth tablecloths for the picnic table and serving tables. it was a lovely evening. later on andrea and her new boyfriend kellin (i'm sure i'm not spelling that right) came around to the beacon.

this is the salad i made for the picnic. i should have brought my camera and taken pictures of my flower arrangements.

all fresh ingredients, complete with basil from my herb garden.

i had never cooked with sundried tomatoes in oil before, but the dressing used them, along with olive oil and other such ingredients.

the finished product. i used whole-wheat pasta for extra grains. the flavor was a hit with the roundup staff.

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