Friday, August 7

a counter offer

my realtor melissa called me yesterday afternoon to tell me the house owner countered back $188,000, only $1,000 less than his asking price. needless to say, my offer is considerably less, because there's nothing special about the house to put it that far above the comparables in the neighborhood. so she suggested i come up $1,000, and leave that as 'best and final offer.' so that's what she did and i haven't heard back about how that turned out.

the thing about that house is, i like it because it's a blank slate. there's lots to do yet on it to make it 'homey,' which i would like to do, but that also means a lot of time and money, esp since it needs landscaping, a fence and deck. so, if he doesn't really want to sell his house, i'm ok with letting it go. there's nothing special about it and there are many other new construction homes around town for the same price or better.

other than that, just hangin out in cody. yesterday afternoon i had a lot of down time so i went to eat at a sandwich shop called the breadboard, sat in rawhide coffee for a while playing around with photoshop, and went out and browsed some of the tack shops on main street. there are so many pretty things. so many things i'd love to buy for my horses and me, like breastcollars, headstalls, bits, spurs... i did buy a pair of small silver vogt earrings, a small green leather wallet made in texas and a pair of cruel girl jeans on sale for $15.

roommate a got back into town about 5, and a facebook friend k was in town so we joined up for dinner.

and then i went to bed. and then i had breakfast at peter's cafe, picked up a latte from rawhide coffee and i'm now back at the holiday inn meeting room listening to a presentation on bighorn sheep transplants to the seminoe mountains south of casper. when i get back to town it's update the roundup website, hook up my trailer, catch my horses, go to work at church, then head to the association.

it's bad when i woke up at 6:30 this morning and felt like i'd slept in....this week has been an early one. tomorrow will be a semi-early morning, as we're heading to pathfinder around 7, i believe, for breakfast. i'm supposed to take some roundups down....i tend to forget that sort of thing.

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