Wednesday, August 5


i had to be in sheridan at 7:30 this morning. knowing my waking-up skills of late, i requested mexican martinez give me a call at 5 if he hadn't heard from me yet - my alarm was set for 4:30. sure nuff, his phone call woke me at 4:57. :-P here's to quick shower/hair/clothing skills and being in the blazer, fueled up and on the road by 5:35 and i made it here to sheridan just a few minutes behind schedule.

i'm here for the wyoming ag business association annual meeting. their agenda is very heavy on hay and range management this year. right now a university professor is speaking on weed management in grass hay fields. fun stuff.

i was going to drive from sheridan straight to cody tonight, but that was before a house came up that i'm interested in making on offer on, so i'm headed back to casper when this gets done and then up to cody early tomorrow morning. (i'll prob have to enlist mexican martinez again on that one....)

i really like the house, i'm going to make an offer and see what they say. this part of it. i really like the kitchen, and how open the floor plan is. and the garage is quite large. it's three bed, two bath, so a good setup for roommates.

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