Saturday, August 15

dinner time

getting ready to head out for steak with mexican martinez - he should be here to pick me up at any moment.

last night i napped, then went to the mutton marshal's for dinner, which was steak, cucumber salad and cheesy broccoli. we eat a lot of steak in wyoming. i ended up staying there until midnight - scott was there too - playing cards with them and betting with quarters. the mutton marshal kept loaning me quarters, which was ok because he kept winning them all back. :-)

after that i went to the beacon for the remaining two open hours. ended up chilling with friends and met a new kid named rowdy (yes, that's really his name. he's a rough stock rider. what do you expect.) and yes, i now have another random number in my phone.

this morning i slept until 11:30 - i needed it - then went to try to ride, but just about the time we walked out to catch the horses it downpoured. i was soaked. clear through my heavy carhartt canvas vest.

gotta go.

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