Friday, August 14

phone numbers

every once in a while i take the time to scroll through my phone and delete all the random phone numbers. how do they get in there? i don't really know, a variety of ways. some of them i keep, even though i'll never talk to the people again, just for the memory when i see the name. some of them get put in there by me, some by other people.

sometimes i delete people and then they end up texting me and i have no idea who they are, like that 804 number that texted last saturday. i texted back and forth several times and couldn't figure out who it was, save that it was someone who was in wisc at the time for some two-week army training and they were getting ready to go back to school. i have no idea. i even googled the area code and it was from virginia, so that was no help. maybe they had the wrong number.

last night i introduced iowa friend a and company to my drink of choice - pendleton and water on ice with a dash of lemon. they couldn't deny its fabulousity. i bought them a fifth of pendleton for a host gift. (is that what you call it when they're male? usually it's hostess gift....)

anyway. we stayed up way too late to have to get up and go back to meeting today, but it was a good time and good to visit with iowa friend a again. i had left my camera in the truck, so no photos, but maybe that's for the best.

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