Monday, September 14

cody country

it was because i knew country like this existed that i made the effort to get up to meeteetse last friday night. i really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to ride up into it, and the hunting party was rewarded with this view of our backtrail once we reached the very top of the drainage.

it was a gorgeous sunny day until a mountain storm moved through and it got really breezy and chilly and we layered up with oilskin coats and took shelter behind one of the many clumps of trees until the hunters got back.

in other news, yesterday me and mexican martinez drove past the house i made an offer on, and it had a sold sign in the front yard, and that's where reality hit me that it could actually be mine. i told him 'it's got sold on it, and that's me!'

because it's still under construction there was no door knob on the front door and, being sunday, the place was deserted so we walked through and i showed it to him. it's all wired and drywalled and textured, but that's about it. no cabinets, fixtures, fireplace or appliances yet. today i need to print off a page to sign and fax it back to the closing agent. i guess my work with realtor melissa is all but done, and she sure was a pleasure to work with.

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  1. So, just like that you bought a house? That was quick! But now I'm coming too soon to help you move...