Monday, September 14


'the best-dressed woman is one whose clothes wouldn't look too strange in the country.' - sir hardy amies

what does that make me?

btw - there's a long-held part of western tradition relating to girls wearing cowboys' hats....

friend e (at the beacon saturday night): i don't know where you come from, but he let you wear his hat all weekend. you know what that means?
me: yeah, i know what that means.

(friend e was very seriously explaining to me all of the him's good qualities and how he's the best guy he knows and how he won't ever be half of who the him is. to sum up his description, he said 'he's a cowboy. what a real cowboy is and stands for.' and that's quite a compliment, because friend e is a really decent kid himself, and a good hand.)

that same friend e, i hear, is jealous that the him gave me his spare saratelli hat. :-) i have yet to steam and try to re-shape it. that's why the him gave up on it. he can't get it to shape to his satisfaction, and these cowboys out here are very particular about the shape of their hat. as it's shaped right now the him says i look like a hillbilly and he'd refuse to acknowledge knowing me if i wear it like that.

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