Friday, September 25

lander, laramie

been on the road since wednesday....went to lander for that one meeting, drove 2 1/2 hours back to casper, cleaned the office, saw the him, got up *early* thursday and arrived in laramie at 8:30, meeting all day yesterday, and half day today. it's the 'food safety, security and sources' consumer issues conference on campus at uw.

yesterday it gone done at a decent time so i went and checked into my hotel room and took a nap, then called iowa friend a last night and went over to his place. his same two roommates were hangin around, so we just chilled at the apt all evening.

in addition, midday yesterday the him was like, 'oh, you should get a hold of me niece t and hang out with her if you want.' she's a freshman here this year. so she ended up coming over to iowa friend a's as well and joining in the *activities* with her friend k. they were fun. :-) i seem to get along well with the whole M family.....

i get to leave laramie about one today, after lunch with iowa friend a. then this evening i'm headed out to the association for target practice, in preparation for my elk hunt in a month!! i'm pretty excited.

then tomorrow i'm going out to help mexican martinez, friend e and the mutton marshall brand the marshall's late calves.

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