Sunday, September 27

sept 27

september is already practically over! how'd that happen? nonetheless, we're still having mostly excellent weather here in wyoming, and yesterday even reached 80. it was a gorgeous day, and i got up at 5:30 and spent it chasing cows and branding calves for the mutton marshall as previously planned.

as soon as we got done branding the calves i left for town in mexican martinez's truck and trailer because i had to get to church to work. as soon as i was done working i headed back out to the marshall's, then martinez, friend e and myself headed into town to the beacon, where we met up with friend j and spent the rest of the night hangin out. roommate a and her bf showed up, too, and other random acquaintances, so it was fun.

me and two of my favorite people, mexican martinez and roommate a:

this is the snow that fell here last week. they were forecasting snow for town, too, but it only fell on the mountain. this week it's supposed to really cool down again and maybe snow again....

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