Wednesday, September 16

or not

sooooo.......i get a call from my lender last night after work and there's a problem with my financing because one of my *&^(*&%$#% college loans does NOT have a user-friendly website and i never know for sure when to pay or how much and it's messed up my credit score. so. maybe no house. i'll keep you posted.

if it doesn't go through, that's ok with me, because there are many other things i want to purchase, and maybe i even want them more than a house, like a gooseneck ball for my truck - $500, three-horse gooseneck horse trailer with tack room - $9,000, ranch roping saddle - $1,750, chinks - $500, spurs - $200 and all sorts of stuff for my horses/horse lifestyle - including possibly a new young ranch gelding to start - $1,000??? and the thing is, you can come by all those things on a budget, but in order to really do it right, you've got to spend the money for quality. and if you do, it'll last you the rest of your life.

and i am not opposed to living in a travel trailer, esp if i can park it at the association and keep my horses there...thinking that i could renew my apt lease for six months, enough time to find and purchase a trailer, then move out there in the spring? it could work. i already know i'm welcome.

anyway, that's the ramblings of this morning.

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