Tuesday, September 15

growing some food

you know one thing i'm really looking forward to about having a house of my own? a yard. how i've missed having a yard. for a dog. for flowers. for vegetables. for a grill. for mowing grass. (although, depending on how stingy i am on the water, i may not have to mow all that much. mostly just the sod in the front, which i'll water.) for eating outdoors. for just having the outdoor space. for shrubbery. for trees. i'd love to plant aspens in the yard - not sure how expensive they are. and there are many really pretty flowering shrubs that grow very well in wyoming's dry climate.

i'm also looking forward to having a garage. oh, to have storage space again!! my yard will also be big enough to put in one of those yard sheds, if i get around to buying one.

the first improvement on the yard will be a solid wood fence around the perimeter, so the dogs can go out back there (roommate a's dog, beacon, and my new dog that i'm going to get. hooray!) and for privacy. i'm going to put it in myself, which will cut down the cost considerably to just the lumber, and i have several friends with access to an auger on a small tractor to dig the holes, and we'll have to mix concrete to set the posts and then make sure everything's level for the cross braces, then just attach the vertical slats and i'll probably stain as opposed to painting it. i may not be able to get that done before the ground freezes this fall, tho, so it might be a 'next spring' project.

as far as those friends who are going to help me.....as long as i keep the beer cold, ice for the whiskey and the steaks grilling they'll be willing. ;-) i can get my grill when i go home for harvest the end of october....

i think i'd also like to get one of those small portable greenhouse affairs, because then i can get my plants, especially vegetables, started before it's actually warm enough. at over 5200 feet the nights here stay pretty cool well into june. i've also always liked the orderly look of raised beds, outlined with railroad ties. maybe i'll even have space to set up my grow light inside so i can keep my herbs going through the winter...that'd be a treat.

be forewarned: if i actually end up moving into this house my blog will become very diy-project-oriented.

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