Tuesday, September 29

rodeo pants

“When you’re up against guys like Ryan Gray, Bobby Mote and Clint Cannon, you need to have your rodeo pants on or you’re not going to have a chance." - PRCA bareback rider Jared Keylon, on his win at the Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon mid-September

this is the time of year when all the pro rodeo cowboys are pushing hard to qualify for the national finals rodeo in vegas, held the end of november. the way they qualify is through the money earned throughout the regular rodeo season. the top 15 money-earners get to travel to the finals, and jared keylon, at 24 years old, is $1,000 behind the number 15 spot. he won
$9,069 at the round-up, bringing his season total to just over $50,000.

the rodeo cowboys have two more weeks to compete and make as much money as they possibly can. keylon's traveling to
texarkana (ark.) on wednesday, amarillo (texas) on thursday and then albuquerque (n.m.) friday and saturday. After that he's qualified for the heartland prorodeo championships in waco, texas (oct. 9-17).

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