Wednesday, September 30

baby supplies

last night i went to good ol walmart to pick up some stuff for holly's visit after i finished locking up the church, so it was between 9 and 9:30. that's one thing i like about that place. i can go whenever i want.

anyway, a few of the items she had on her list were a carseat for my pickup, diapers and wet wipes so she doesn't have to worry about traveling with those things. i had filled my cart with the things, and that's when i saw my friend bronc rider r.

my thought process: oh, i should go over there and say hello to him. *start walking toward him* oh wait. i have diapers and a car seat. he's going to think i'm incubating. i better not. *turn around and run the opposite direction*

and me and mexican martinez were joking that we should put the carseat in his pickup and see what people say. :-) esp since he offered to swap trucks with me if the carseat doesn't fit in the old-style backseat of my truck. people would really talk if i was driven his truck around with a carseat in the back.

and now my friend j just informed me there's a place here in town that might rent carseats? she's calling them for me to find out. i have such wonderful friends and i love them all so much. :-)

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