Monday, October 12

change of plans

this last weekend i was supposed to go with the him and company to sheridan to a wedding, but because of fall snowstorm and "winter-like weather," as the forecasters called it, we decided to stay around casper, and it was actually quite lovely.

saturday morning i met up with the him and the mutton marshall and his wife d for breakfast at eggington's downtown, then all four of us went to the western store lou taubert's and to war surplus. i bought a birthday gift for sister m at lou tauberts - it's a scotch cap in a feminine cut and kind of an ivory felt fabric and quite cute. i want one. :-) at war surplus i bought a red carhartt long sleeve work shirt for myself, and a pair of wool knit gloves.

then i spent the next four hours at the roundup office with the computer guy getting the new server set up and running. it works! the website is fully functional again - check it out at

then, following a shower, i met up with scott again, this time at the mutton marshall's and dorothy's, for dinner. the marshall made really good cornbread, bean/vegetable soup and a rhubarb/pineapple popover that was really good. we stayed there and played blitz with them for several hours following dinner. a perfect way to spend an evening, a small group of good people, a low-key card game and whiskey.

and then, and then, sunday i was dragged out of bed when the him showed up to get me at 5:30 to go antelope hunting out at the association. oh, did little kitty lexus look so comfortable still curled up there on the bed.....but alas, i dressed myself, put on my long underwear and my layers, and bailed out my apt door and into the pickup. it was dark, cold, windy and snowy.

but then we stopped and got coffee when the him topped off his diesel (the convenience store boy gave me the two travel mugs full of coffee for free) and picked up friend j from her house and headed west. by then i was feeling a little more alert.

(the him gave me a pair of insulated boots to wear for the weekend, and then he told me i could keep them. i think he's hoping if he gives me enough warm clothes i'll be more likely to go do things with him this winter, like calling coyotes. apparently it's a three-person job: one person to call, one person with a rifle and one with a shotgun. apparently i'm the shotgun because it's hard to miss with one.....)

we arrived out at the association headquarters and met up with the him's brother b and three hunters visiting from texas. ranch wife b had made a breakfast of biscuits and gravy and homefries, so after gathering everything together we loaded into two pickups and spent the rest of the day driving around the 90,000 acre association in search of antelope. two of the texas hunters and brother b each got their goat. the him and friend j also had tags, but they didn't see any they wanted.

after we got back to headquarters and hung the game in the shed (along with the bull elk texan g had shot - which was huge - it looked like a horse skinned and hanging from the rafters) we relaxed a bit more with several ranchers who'd arrived at the association to wean and ship cattle today and tomorrow. after several beers and a whiskey the him, friend j and i got back in the truck and headed back to town.

(in falling snow, again. it had snowed off and on all day long. the range was really pretty, though. there was about eight inches out there.)

the him and i enjoyed some leftover chili when he dropped me at my place, and that was pretty much my weekend. it was a good one.

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