Saturday, October 24


you know, it's a delight to associate with people who are well-liked in the country.

that goes for my boss, dennis. it's easy to go out on roundup business and talk to people, because many people know him and they respect him.

and that goes for the him. word is getting around now that i'm seeing someone - even bartender g made a comment, and i think that's why he doesn't wait on me as much anymore (that's ok, i'll let crystal get my whiskey any day).

last night there were a lot of people i knew out at the beacon. it's fun that way. making the rounds, bs-ing and catching up and having a few whiskeys and making casey dance. (but hey, i requested a dance the first time, and the second he volunteered. i never did get to dance with rowdy but we bs-ed for a while.)

anyway, i was sitting there for a little while with friend stuart, who i met through casey. he says 'i hear you're goin out with scotty. i always liked him. i really like him. you be good to him.'

that's what i'm getting from anybody that finds out i'm with the him. it's easy to be around people like him. instead of people thinking to themselves 'what's she doing with that gomer' they tell me how glad they are we're together. and the him and i have agreed that if we split ways everybody's going to hate us, because they're all so happy we're dating.

oh! and my arch-nemesis-don't-like-her-at-all was there last night. i shudder every time i see her.


i tell people who i'm with: i was passed up for that! can you believe that! (i really think they all detect my agitation and anger and politely agree with me. because they always agree. which helps me feel a little bit better. it's not like me to straight-up not be friends with people, but i'm allowed one person to dislike in this town, aren't i?)

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