Saturday, October 24


have you ever abruptly encountered someone you didn't think you'd ever see again on this earth?

happened. last night.

so over the last couple weeks i've seen a united truck - twice - driving around casper. united is a company that works with pipelines. last winter - i believe it was just before christmas, i met this kid aaron that was in town working with united. he had a friend dave. we'll skip over all the middle stuff, and just say that the whole scenario didn't end well and aaron wouldn't even talk to me when they finished their job and headed out of town the beginning of march.

so i've been seeing that united truck in town, and told roommate a - wouldn't that be somethin if aaron was back in town.

so i saw him. last night.

after i finished working at church at 10 p.m. i headed back over to the beacon where friend j had been sitting around with her cousins. almost immediately an older gentleman from cody asked me to dance, and over the course of our two dances i was able to scan the bar, seeing who was there and who wasn't. that's when i spotted bronc rider rowdy, and made note to go say hello to him, and then that's when i saw aaron, at the pool tables.

enter a frantic phone call to roommate a to share the siting.

so i avoided him all evening, walking by and not making eye contact and pretending that i'd missed seeing him.

but then about 12:30 or 1 a.m. he was just standin there leaning against the pool table by himself, so i went for it.

'hey, aaron. are we friends or otherwise?'

'it really doesn't matter to me'


'hi, aaron, i'm christy...'

and it was like getting an old friend back. he really is a good kid, and most of the rest of the night i sat around with him to catch up with his life. being on the pipeline crew, he travels the country. he's been to texas, mississippi, tennessee, colorado and other states i can't remember since i last saw him. he's been promoted, and he has his own truck now, so that was cool.

and he learned to dance! he said when he was in mississippi. he's really not that bad. but i think i created a monster by complimenting him.

it was a good night, and i'm happy to be friends with him again. he's in town about another month, he says. he says he requested to come back to casper on this job. i think he sees what i see in this town.

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