Thursday, November 19

the absarokas

my new blog header photo came from the lot of photos i took last weekend while elk hunting in the meeteetse area. those mountains are part of the absarokas, which line a part of the west edge of the big horn basin. the tallest peak there is francs peak, and it's just over 13,000 feet. not the biggest range in wyoming by any means, but they were beautiful in the morning sunlight with the fresh pure white snow.

i took those photos friday morning, and then the him, his 16-year-old nephew dallas and i went out saturday afternoon in some of our down time and he was showing me some of the country, but there were snow clouds hanging around the peaks so i wasn't able to take good mountain photos that day.

these are some of the photos i did get, though:

these two photos are cows on the pitchfork ranch meadows. the pitchfork is a large historic ranch that, at one time, was big enough to have its own zip code.

the photo below is the highway from thermopolis, right before you drop down into the town of meeteetse. when i drove up there for labor day there were fireworks over the town as i topped this hill.

this was friday morning after the him, brother b and nephew dallas each shot a calf elk. the him was field dressing dallas's because dallas 'forgot how brother b did it.'

this is the area we hunted sunday morning, in effort to get me a shot at a bull. it was so cold. 13 degrees when we left friend buck's house to go stand on the river at 6 a.m. watching the sun come up on the crisp morning was pretty, though.

'if a big bull runs by and you're making me take a picture and don't get a good shot....' - the him

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