Tuesday, November 17

no time

so yeah, last week's post still rings true. things are still nuts. haven't even had time to write any new posts or fix up photos to put up.

elk hunting was a lot of fun. i didn't shoot one, but mexican martinez, brother b and their nephew dallas each got a calf the first morning we went out.

this morning i just finished up a special edition we're publishing for the upcoming range beef cow symposium. now this afternoon i've got two articles to research and write for the regular weekly. other than that, though, this week's paper doesn't have a whole lot more work to do on it. organizing news briefs and some shorter items to put in the folders and nit picky stuff like that. it's those things that take forever - making sure everything's there and labeled how it's supposed to go and ready for tracy to pull out and place into the paper.

i have to get most of that done today because i leave at 6 tomorrow morning to make cheyenne by 8:30 for a two-day meeting of wyoming association of conservation districts and wyoming weed and pest. and i'm supposed to go to a board of land commissioners meeting on thursday, too, but i don't even know any details on that yet.

then friday is the him's birthday, and melissa's coming through on her way to move back to laramie. i already have the him's gift - i hope he thinks it's as fabulous as i do. i was trying to decide between going out for dinner or making him dinner, but i think with the miniscule amount of spare time i have these days, we better just go out.

last night i did make stuffed pork chops with an orange juice/lime juice/oregano marinade and stuffed with parmesan and bacon. (that was supposed to be swiss and ham, but i didn't have time to go to the grocery store so substitutions reign supreme) they turned out well and he complimented them.

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