Monday, November 2

a comparison

still in the midst of ex-boy drama, in a crisis with friend g, had recently given up on obtaining a job back in iowa, put together very-last-minute halloween costume with roommate a at the mall...little did i know what the next year would bring.

made many good friends in the last year, many of whom were out at the beacon to celebrate, constructed fabulous flapper costumes for roommate a and her friend n and ducked out on mine at the last minute, got a thing going with a generous and kind ranch cowboy from just outside of town, was promoted the day before to MANAGING EDITOR of the wyoming livestock roundup. :-)

2009 was a much better halloween than 2008. and, a thing that pleases me most of all, is look how much longer my hair is. i don't even know why i thought it was a good idea to keep it short...well i do, but i shouldn't have.

more photos to follow of the dressmaking process, and my little tailor helper link cat.


  1. I like your long hair too, but I did like it short as well. It wasn't THAT bad of a choice...

  2. Agreed with Holly - your short hair was cute (but it looks good long too). Congrats on the promotion - thats awesome!